Endorsing Sustainability through Art

Eco-friendly art is beginning to make quite an impression in the world of art. I recently got a chance to speak to local Eco artist Barbara Di Renzo at the Uptown Gallery located in the Waterloo Town Square – I was thrilled to hear her take on Eco art as well as her career as an artist.

Barbara has always appreciated art and during her early years, she experimented with various forms of art before shifting focus to Eco art by incorporating reusable elements like recycled metal into her work.

So who does she cite as the inspiration behind her passion for creating art?

“Originally, I was inspired by my father’s work as an artist and I wanted to be just like him. I was also inspired by pieces of art from Robert Rauschenberg’s early years,” recalled Barbara on her inspiration as an artist.

It’s been seven years since Barbara Di Renzo began her journey as a full time artist, a journey that she’s currently reveling in.

I’m doing two things that I’m most passionate about which are creating art and caring for the environment,” she said, “Through my art, I want people to see man vs. nature by showing them how both worlds combine.”

Barbara currently divides her time between her own studio Left Align Design in Cambridge and the Uptown Gallery in Waterloo. She is one of over twenty other artists that feature their work at the gallery. She credits the gallery for putting an emphasis on recycling and reusing.

“For the recycling aspect, the message is there. I believe we can all do our part in order to live sustainably.” On the relationship between art and the community, Barbara believes that art inspires people to be more creative and to look past what things already are and instead focus on what they could be.

The next step for Barbara is to continue to live her dreams of creating art while doing her part to protect the environment.

Learn more about Barbara and her work here

[Images courtesy – Barbara Di Renzo]

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