The Gnarled Branch

I recently had a chat with Dave Irvine, artist and founder of The Gnarled Branch, a home-based art business located in Brampton, Ontario. Dave spends most of his time creating different forms of art like illustrations, paintings, fine art and pop art. I got a chance to understand his process of reinventing objects that are sometimes seen as “waste” to create art.

Dave’s work is pretty interesting. He has discovered a way to reuse discarded materials like jar lids, old records and furniture as art. Although his focus is not exclusively on Eco art, he is glad to be doing his part to care for the environment and lessen the carbon footprint.

“It’s amazing in this day and age how much stuff is being tossed. I find ways to utilize these materials because I hate seeing stuff go to waste,” he explained.

Dave strives to be different with his art, He wants his work to grab attention and strike a reaction.

My goal is to make art that I don’t have to put a lot of expense into at the same time, I want to reduce the stuff that goes into the landfill,” he continued.

When a lot of people think of art, they think of something that is in a frame. Dave believes that art is much more than that. From his perspective, art can take many forms whether it is created through traditional media or salvaged objects.

While Dave’s work is really unique and his conservation efforts are admirable, he hopes that his efforts encourage people to find creative ways to reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

Learn more about Dave and his work here

[Images courtesy – Dave Irvine]

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