The term ‘storytelling’ is quite common in the public relations industry. My own definition of the term is this:

The ability to communicate the core values of a brand/company to its audience in a compelling and genuine way.”

Storytelling is such a creative way to communicate authentic messages through a variety of channels (be it TV, radio, social media or print).

I’ve noticed quite often (especially on social media platforms) a certain disconnect when it comes to storytelling. Most of what I see is either ‘noise’ or simply a lack of persuasive content. My main concern is the over reliance on metrics (such as likes, retweets, shares, page rank) to measure the impact content has on an audience. Don’t get me wrong, if a thousand people view/like/retweet your message, ad or infographic, that’s great – But numbers shouldn’t be the only focus. Was there a real impact behind those numbers?

Are you connecting with your audience in a meaningful way? If not, rethink your strategy, put some soul into the message & tell a story.

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