Laid-back reads for PR pros

Alex Rodgers

Though the last thing you want to do at the end of the work day is to further immerse yourself in the field, many PR enthusiasts find the time to kick back with a good book (including myself). Below are a handful of texts I’d recommend for some light reading and learning:

  1. So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed (2015). Jon Ronson. Written by a bestselling author, Ronson delves into the world of public shaming, specifically online shaming with the explosionapril_h of online media. He does an excellent job of raising the issue of the social mob – something that has a lasting impact (tangible or psychological) on its victims. For the book, Ronson met with high-profile individuals who had been publicly shamed, including PR pro Justine Sacco (forget her story? Reminder here).
  2. Youth, Identity and Digital Media (2007). David Buckingham. You’ll have to forgive this book – one of its…

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