Learning User Experience (UX)

In the past, when I heard the term User Experience aka UX, I instantly jumped to the conclusion that it involved computers and software.

What I’m Learning
From recent projects and experiences, I’m learning that UX isn’t restricted to electronic devices, but it touches topics much broader. In UX, themes like human-centered design, visual design principles, user research, user preferences, storyboarding and prototyping are very relevant. UX is really about developing useful solutions that simplify complex processes and delights users.

UX + Marketing
We know that marketing is the art of persuasion, it’s how we get people to engage with brands and buy products. UX also focuses on delivering delightful experiences that drive engagement. It’s not solely focused on design or interfaces, but rather about knowing your audience and their pain points and designing solutions accordingly.

It’s very important to listen to feedback after designing solutions and adjust accordingly to the market and changing user needs. UX is about creating things that are usable and useful. These principles can help marketers change the way we think about content so that we constantly deliver exciting experiences to users. If content has good structure, is aesthetically pleasing and has all the necessary information that a user needs, that’s what creates a good user experience. As I delve deeper into the world of user experience, I’ll be sure to document more findings.

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